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List of most of my MSTS model repaints

Models are listed by TOPS Class, and where applicable, by road number.

Look for my work under my screen name which is Trackdancer at the site. A few of my models may no longer be available there as server space is limited. If there is something that you like and it is not at the site, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to email it to you.

Click on thumbnails for larger images (opens in new windows).

TOPs Class 08 - 3D models by James Hunt

Mainline 08523

EWS 08569

CR 08871 - (updated shape)

BR Parcels 08873

Class 08 Repainting Kit
TOPs Class 26 - 3D model by Paul Woodroffe

RF 26025
TOPs Class 33 - 3D models by Paul Woodroffe

BR 33/0 33007

BR 33/1 33105

BR 33/1 33108
TOPs Class 37 - 3D models by James Hunt

TR 37037

EWS 37114

TLM 37137

BR 37188

DRS 37611

EWS 37688

Class 37 Repainting Kit

Cab Views for Class 37
TOPs Class 43 - 3D model by James Hunt

HST Intercity 43032
TOPs Class 56 - 3D models by James Hunt

BR 56103

RF 56108

Load Haul 56110
TOPs Class 91 Electric - 3D models by James Hunt

GNER 91006

09-11-01 Memorial Edition
Diesel Multiple Units

Central Trains 158797
3D model by David Babb
Also available at
Regional Railways 101656
3D model by James Hunt
Coaches and Wagons - 3D models by James Hunt


EWS 45T Curtain Van

EWS Coach

EWS 45T Hopper

London Underground
Match Vehicle
Miscellaneous - 3D models Microsoft/Kuju

GP38-2 in BR Livery

EWS MBA Hopper
Buildings and Scenery
No larger image available
Parcel Force Trailer
Model by Ian Morgan

BP Tank Farm
Model by Sean Lim (aka Trackdancer)
Updated: 01-28-2002
 Sean Lim 2001