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The Small Layout Enthusiasts' Web Ring is driven by software that was written by, and resides on the servers belonging to This has it's pros and it's cons. On the plus side they allow you to customize the Web Ring panel anyway you wish, but the downside to this is that the graphics has to reside on a non-native server. This can cause some interesting problems, such as the non-appearance of the graphics which you may be all too familiar with:

Missing image example

The other common problem is that of bandwidth which may cause your page to load much slower than it would if the graphic files resided on the same server as your web page.

The solution to these problems is for you to install the graphics for the Web Ring panel on the same server as your web page, either in the same folder or a subfolder. You can get these from this page together with the modified HTML code to go with it.

So why go through all of this hassle? Take a look at Bravenet's generic Site Ring panel on the left. Would you really want something that looks like that gracing your meticulously designed web page?


  • Download the graphic files and save these to your hard drive or a diskette
  • Upload the graphic files to the same server as your web page. It is assumed in the HTML code provided that the graphic files will be in a the folder as your web page. If you put them into a subfolder, please modify the code accordingly (see example below)
  • Copy and paste the HTML to your web page
  • Replace with your Email address
  • Replace Your Name with your name
  • Replace (siteid) in the code with the site ID# that came with your original code
  • Upload your completed web page to your server
  • That's all there is to it !

Graphic Image Files

To download right click on image and choose "Save Picture As ..."
webring_logo.jpg prev_button.gif random_button.gif next_button.gif
list_button.gif join_buton.gif  

Modified HTML Code

Copy and Paste the code below to your web page

Customizing the Graphics or Code

If you are storing the graphics to a subfolder on your server, the following lines will need to be modified:

<img src="graphic_filename.ext" ... etc> needs to read
<img src="subfolder_name/graphic_filename.ext" ... etc>

Unlike other Web Rings which do not allow it's members to change the imagery of their web ring panel, this ring encourages diversity. If you wish to use your own graphics for the Web Ring panel you may do so if you adhere to the following rules:

  • The Web Ring title "Small Layout Enthusiasts' Web Ring" must appear on the panel
  • The five button links (prev, list, random, join and next) must be on the panel
  • Maintain the links in the code (or your panel won't work)

The image files as standard are to the following dimensions:

  • logo - 170 x 114 pixels
  • buttons - 32 x 18 pixels

The standard panel is 188 pixels wide, you can change this to suit your customized design.

Help and Support

If you run into any problems or have any questions please feel free to Email me.

Thank you for your interest in joining Small Layout Enthusiasts' Web Ring.

Updated 06-30-2001

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