My Artwork for Microsoft Train Simulator

I have recently acquired a copy of Microsoft's new train simulation program and have become thoroughly enchanted with it. If nothing else, it has instantly overcome my problem with space to run a model railroad. As the program allows you to build and paint your own trains it was only natural that I soon found myself delving into that activity.

First off, I do need to state that building a virtual model of a train is not a task for beginners. It is incredibly difficult and requires specialized software, on the other hand, painting trains is on the surface easier, and taking the line of least resistance, that was what I embarked upon doing.

With years of graphic experience behind me, painting my first train for a train simulator was not that difficult. However, it dawned upon me fairly quickly that it was not as simple a task as just loading up Windows Paint and have at it. In reality, it's every bit as hard, and interesting, as painting a plastic model. You need to start off by researching the prototype and unlike with plastic models, you will also need to use the texture to build-up a credible replica of the real thing.

Mock up for the GNER Class 97 model

I was fortunate in that my initial efforts attracted the attentions of an excellent computer 3D modeler by the name of James Hunt (Driver89) as it was some of his work that I worked on during my early attempts. We liked each other's work well enough that we have decided to team up on many efforts. He would build the models, and I would design the texture for them. This formula seems to have worked well as most of our efforts have resulted in literally hundreds of downloads by other enthusiasts.

All of these models, as well as others that I have collaborated on with other 3D modelers are available at a British site (since I have concentrated most of my efforts on British equipment). They are all offered as "Freeware" and are available only at trainsimfiles.net, which is perhaps the premier site for British MSTS add-ons.

On the following page, is a list of most of the models I have repainted to date.

British 08 shunter with Wagons
Updated: 10-09-2001
 Sean Lim 2001