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Below is the basic plan. The layout will measure approximately 4 ft x 1.5 ft when completed. The track on the right side will lead to some type of off-stage holding area; perhaps a pivot table.

basic layout plan of the PLC

The frame work will be constructed from lightweight components with 1/2 inch plywood being used for the baseboard. I am, however, seriously considering constructing the entire layout using form-core, a lightweight material I have had considerable success with whilst building architectural models. Tracks will be Atlas code 100 with cork roadbeds and landscaping will be formed with plaster gauze.

I have yet to determine what buildings to include, but my current thinking is that there would be some type of 3D (low-relief) backdrop with predominantly industrial/railroad type buildings in the foreground.

I will be needing the Atlas components on the list below for this layout.

  • 9" straight track - (5)
  • 6" straight track - (1)
  • 3" straight track - (1)
  • Re-railer - (1)
  • Snap-Switch, left - (1)
  • Snap-Switch, right - (1)
  • Warren Truss Bridge - (1)
Updated: 06-28-2001
 Sean Lim 2001